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My Tiny Life
McKinley Poverty Challenge 1.2 
22nd-Jan-2010 09:26 pm
drop bear
Reasons why it helps to read more than less of a thread that contains the rules for the challenge you are doing:

You might just find out that fishing on the home lot AND SELLING THE FRIGGING FISH is allowed.

Fishing on comm lots = no

Fishing on home lots = HELLZ TO THE YEAH!

Matilda is saved from imminent death by icicle!

Even if she does suck at catching fish.

Matilda: I am saved! I will not freeze to death within the next 48 hours or thereabouts! Winter may be just around the corner but the Mouse God finally found the loophole rule that will save me and let me live!

Killer Vampire Penguin: I don't have butterscotch eyes and I don't sparkle! Also, I do not have freaky ice blue eyes like my brethren in other versions of this game. I am Killer Vampire Penguin!!! Tremble, mortals!!!

Do I need to put up a sign saying "Poverty Challenge lot - there are no possessions here, burglars go away and don't even bother!"???

Matilda managed to fish up enough piscine friends to buy herself 36 pieces of wall and a cheap door. I'm trying to ensure that she loses the least amount of money in the process of building the house so she had to keep fishing until she had enough cash for a 6x6 bedroom + door. I am a cruel Mouse God.

(For the newly arrived who are not familiar with the Mouse God, it is not a benevolent rodent in the sky but the name by which we call the Sim God/Goddess on Usenet. I've been using it since the days of the original Sims game came out and it's a hard habit to break since it's been about 10 years now since I started playing the game and using that term). And no, Usenet is not dead. Just... sleeping. Actually, the Sims Usenet group is pretty vibrant and a great place for people over 30 because our average age is around 45 and a lot of really knowledgeable players hang out there.

But enough advertising.

To continue: Gordon got nothing. He came onto the lot, wandered around a bit, got attacked by a wolf and ran off. Thanks LOTP!

Since Matilda hangs out quite a bit on this comm lot I thought I'd show off The Golden Hind. It's pretty much poverty-legal as long as you don't get tempted to have your sim work as a barista because that's not allowed.

It's got everything a poverty-stricken sim might want.

Clothing, cologne, jewelry and games.


Just in case your sim slept on the ground and isn't rested enough inthe morning and you don't want them to get fired due to low mood.

Food you have to pay for plus a beach and a shipwreck. It's the Golden Hind, after all :)

There are two hot tubs.

Plus a free food area with toilet+shower block and Myshuno (ie. fun).

The amenities block.

Overall layout of the lot.

And a final pic of the whole thing, complete with the shipwreck.

I recently realised that I forgot to include a photobooth so I shall have to fix that oversight next time I fire up the game.

Thankfully the pond didn't freeze over for something like 3 days so Matilda managed to catch enough fish for a toilet, shower, mini fridge and chair. And she also has a ceiling lamp.

Pure unadulterated luxury.

Ummm... No idea why I took this. This is a bed. It is single. Because she can't afford to upgrade it to a double.

Another useless picture. Oh, look! BBQ!!!

This is one time when we don't need you to be helpful. I just wanted her to make friends so he'd come over for a date. And he had to go and ruin it.

She got the damn promotion. Which means a double bed and having to quit the Oceanography career. Matilda is now in another career track.

Dude came over for a date, though. They had negative chemistry so Matilda got rid of him pretty quickly.

Sorry about the plumbbob but the game kept crashing soon after I turned off plumbbobs so I thought the laptop was being temperamental and decided to play with plumbbobs on for a while. Then I forgot and started turning them off again and it stopped crashing anyway so I have no idea what was causing the crashing. Maybe I'm just not used to laptops and kept turning on the game after it had been on for a while so the game may have been causing it to overheat. I'm trying to keep this in mind and launching the game soon after booting up and it seems to be safe from crashing when I do that.

Which of course means that I had to have Phoenix come over. 2 bolts and alien eyes. Plus he's cute. And has recessive hair genetics. What's not to love?

He made himself right at home, too.

Enjoy the shower, Phoenix. Unless you get invited over again, this is the last time you get to use it.

They make a cute couple. It's almost a pity that I can't move him in.

Matilda: Look! Lunch meat sandwich! From my own fridge!

I don't think the baby is down there, though thanks for checking.

Gordon keeps calling. Maybe he wants to apologise or maybe he's hoping that if he sucks up enough then Matilda will call off the attack wolves that patrol her shack.

A classic and must-have image.

The kitty's name is Sake so Matilda tries to make friends.

This is not the fun or funny part.

THIS is the funny part.

Sake: Thanks for helping to save me lady! The kitty wiggler that will save me from suffocation is just... out... of... reach!

Sake: I hoik up a furball on your bare feet in appreciation for saving me from suffocation in that pile of snow.

I'm pretty sure that somewhere there is a rule against pregnant women going out in the snow wearing just their PJs.

Matilda: I know! Some Chinese food will warm me up!

[personal profile] engram : Are you sure?

Matilda: Trust me! I'm a pirate! I know about these things. Survival is my middle name. Matilda Survival McKinley.

[personal profile] engram : Right...

She might have a point. The Chinese food delivery chick is pretty hot. So she could be a cure for freezing. For the right sim. Just not Matilda.

Did you learn nothing from your blue skin experience just hours ago?

That better be standard double pink dust and not "double white dust, evil harbinger of twins"

Since Matilda cannot fish, I bought her an easel so she could earn money from painting.

Camo Teen: I'm only here because I blend in with the white-and-grey surroundings of this lot. If I stand perfectly still nobody will see me.


Killer Vampire Penguin: I know that you're a headless snowman but I gotta tell you - you simply have to try tenning and other summer sports!

The KVP would not shut up about tennis. Of the conversation it had with the headless snowman, about 8 of the 10 speech bubbles were of the tennis raquet.

Matilda: Ooooh! Ooooh! Omma stomma!

Meet Wisna.

The naming scheme for this challenge is pirates. For obvious reasons. Also, women often became pirates to avoid marriage and since this challenge is all about not getting married and all about getting simoleons, methinks that this naming scheme is more than suitable :)

Matilda freaked me out a fair bit here. I thought she was glitched and doing a pop for a phantom pregnancy. But she was just become more cuddly.

I don't think it was the baby that made you have a more sizeable booty. I'm pretty sure it was the Chinese food.

Matilda: It may have defrosted me but I probably should have stuck to the free hot dogs.

Wisna has S3, black hair and alien eyes. And is also cute regardless of the fact that all sim babies are identical. The alien eyes make her cuter than all other sim babies. By default.

So who can tell I haven't had an alien born in my game in a couple of months and I miss my little alien friends?

A hungry baby means a full-size fridge had to be bought. There's probably a hack for feeding babies from the Uni fridge but I don't have it.

Matilda autonomously plays with Wisna every time the baby is awake.

Go away stupid teens! Why are you trying to give Matilda the roach flu? As if she doesn't have enough problems!

More autonomous playing. This is definitely a different occasion because the painting is now complete and hanging on the wall.

Most of Wisna's thought bubbles are about Matilda. It's really sweet. This is one of the few mother-daughter pairs in my game that became friends while the kid was still an infant. They seem to genuinely love each other. It's tooth rottingly sweet, when you think about it.

OMG! She looks so much like Matilda! She even has her nose!!! Which is squishingly cute!!!

I don't think we need any other babies. Though we may try for one more, just to keep things balanced. And have a bigger child labour fishing force.

Wisna: BOOO! I have the McKinley nose, which automatically makes me better than any other kid!

See you next time :)
22nd-Jan-2010 12:01 pm (UTC)
Wisna is really cute! And you're very stoic, not moving pretty Phoenix in. Maybe a little too pretty, but anyway...
22nd-Jan-2010 10:45 pm (UTC)
The cat in the snow reminded me of this time in high school when we got a very heavy snowfall and school was called early. As we waited by the doors for the buses to turn up there was a squirrel trying to run/hop through the snow. It would take a couple hops, I think trying to run on top of the snow, and then it would fall in and disappear. :D

(Deleted comment)
27th-Jan-2010 01:32 am (UTC)
The bed is from the Low Budget Wonders set by Simaddict99 at TSR. You can get it at TSR or from the Booty: http://ls.paysites.mustbedestroyed.org/booty/ts2/tsr/simaddict99/object_sets/low_budget_wonders/

The bed takes it's textures from a base game sofa (can't remember the name, Value Sofa or similar)) so if you want recolours you just need to get recolours of the sofa. The recolour in the picture is probably from Piggi's Sims because I don't think I've downloaded any others. http://www.piggis-sims.net/M_Sofas2.html#03
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