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Ephemera's Simple Skin Soft Edition - geneticized! 
17th-Aug-2008 11:25 am
drop bear
Again, originally done as a request over at DLMulsow. The original custom skins and defaults can be found here.

Geneticized skintones, unlike regular custom skintones, have been assigned values so that they appear along the genetic spectrum (as designed by Maxis). All custom skintones are automatically assigned the genetic value of 0 (zero), which means that they are super dominant and once you breed in sim with a regular custom skintone that skintone will pretty much start taking over in every subsequent generation as it will always be dominant over your default skintones.

What I have done here is assign a genetic value to each of the Ephemera Simple Skin Soft Edition Skintones. #1 is below S1 and thus quite recessive. #2 is at the S1 genetic value. #3 is at the S2 genetic value. #4 is between S2 and S3. #5 is at the S3 genetic value. And finally, #6 is at the S4 genetic value.

What does this mean? Once you have placed these skintones in your downloads folder they will start appearing on newly generated townies and new sims born in-game. If you have an existing neighbourhood, you will not see these until a new baby is born and until the game assigns one of these skintones to the baby. They will also appear on any new townies you generate using some sort of townie generator or the mailbox in debug mode.

Will my defaults still work? Your defaults will continue to work as normal. What you will see is that in about 50% of cases where a baby is born and where the game assigns to the baby one of the default skintone values, the game will assign these skintones instead of your defaults. These skintones will become part of the genetic mix of your neighbourhood. Babies will still be born with your default skintones and using other skintones you have in your game. The geneticizing process simply makes these appear alongside your defaults and along the same genetic spectrum as your defaults.

What if I accidentally on purpose delete these from my Downloads folder? While I initially thought that cloning from the "right" coloured skintone will make these revert to the right coloured skintone when you take out the file, fact is that like every other custom skintone in your downloads folder these will revert to S1 once you delete them.

Skintone 1 at 0.05

Skintone 2 at 0.10

Skintone 3 at 0.30

Skintone 4 at 0.45

Skintone 5 at 0.60

Skintone 6 at 0.90

All 6 skintones


Model is my Tiahn (ask and ye shall receive)
Eyebrows by Rensim
Eyes by Sarhra
Hair and clothing by Maxis (base game)

Only use these or Ephemera's original files. You cannot have both in your downloads folder as neither will work properly. As these have the same GUID as Ephemera's custom skintones, they will simply take over and from the time you have the geneticized version in your game they will start appearing along the genetic spectrum, effectively making your formerly custom skins genetic! You can still use Ephemera's defaults as these do not affect them.

17th-Aug-2008 10:59 am (UTC)
These are awesome, thanks Engram! I already have Pooklet's geneticised skintones but these will fit nicely with my current ones to add more skintone diversity.
17th-Aug-2008 11:50 am (UTC)
They should go nicely with the Pooklet defaults, which were based on these. So they'll be similar yet slightly different.

Now that's an idea! I already use the Pooklet defaults in my legacy so perhaps I will throw in a couple of these for a bit more variety. I kind of tend to stick to having only defaults and no other skintones in my game.
31st-May-2009 08:59 pm (UTC)
So, I keep my default skintones in the downloads folder and add these as well?
31st-May-2009 09:15 pm (UTC)
yes. But if you have the original Ephemera skintones in your Downloads you take them out.
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