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My Tiny Life
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26th-Nov-2011 06:16 pm - Cazy RainY Drops Hair 11
drop bear

Available for both males and females in both EA-style and adjust shine control.

Get it here.
21st-Nov-2011 01:11 pm - WIP - Cazy11
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High res (click the link)

Will attempt an adjust shine version, too. To be honest I have no idea why I'm doing this other than I love this hair and wanted to retexture it. Ugh. Need to make the background some sort of neutral grey/beige.

ETA: it is done and I even have previews! Also, both EA-style highlights and adjust shine have been coaxed into existence. Upload tomorrow some time because I'm passing out tired right now.
15th-Nov-2011 11:15 pm(no subject)
drop bear

Soooo... I was bothering phoenixfg via Ask on Tumblr about Skyrim and we came to the conclusion that I absolutely must buy it for the PS3 for my husband and for the PC for myself. I then trooped off to various game shops to try to find it at the best price, which was going to be sucky anyway since this is Sparta Australia and our software and game prices suck. Not as badly as New Zealand's but they suck nonetheless.

Since I am a JRPG tragic and my only experience of Western RPGs was limited to Myst 4 (extremely painful if beautiful and confusing) and Neverwinter Nights 2 (I never made it out of the village because I got sick of all the training before it got to the killing - seriously, an hour of gameplay and I'm still gathering the party and not killing anything???) I decided that rather than throw down around $80-$100 on Skyrim I would grab the much more reasonably priced Oblivion with both EPs for a measly $40 (I told you our software/game prices suck, that shit would be $15 in the USA by now) and have a go at that.

I must say that so far I really like it. The only part that gave me the shits ("annoyed me very much" not "caused me to poop my pants" for those who don't speak Australian) was the lock picking because I think I missed part of the instructions and I couldn't figure out how to get out of the interface until I broke all my lock picks and it threw me out. And eventually my memory returned and I realised how much Oblivion reminded me of Baldur's Gate (1 and 2) and Champions of Norrath (also 1 and 2), all 4 of which I absolutely loved! I'm still occasionally smacking my face into walls but I am starting to slowly conquer movement. I'm sure I will get better at it.

I'm going to make a new character tomorrow and start again, this time taking advantage of the knowledge I gained tonight. I'm just too tired and missing too many lock picks to keep going right now. In the meantime meet Morgana, my pink-haired Dark Elf. She is apparently fire proof :D

3 pics under the cutCollapse )
drop bear
- Symptoms begin at hour: 4
- Small belly visible at hour: 10
- Funny walk starts at hour: 15
- Big belly time at hour: 20
- Begin contractions at hour 27 (has baby at 30hr)
- Other: Contractions are 10 minutes shorter and 2 days off for pregnancy (though 2 days off might be too much - I’m really not sure what this value does so let me know if it’s too much and I will make it shorter if necessary)

I have no idea how this affects maternity leave after the baby is born. I assume that it is still the same as before. I edited Ashkitty’s 12 hour pregnancy mod so all the hard work was done by someone else, I just edited the existing XML. The reason I sound vague about it all is because I have not yet tested this hack even in my own game so I NEED YOUR HELP.

Step 1. Grab the hack from this link

Step 2. Make a new throw-away world

Step 3. Make a sim in this world pregnant and keep an eye on her and on the clock

Step 4. Tell me if I killed anything or that I am wonderful, depending on what happens
Step 5. Profit?
9th-Nov-2011 03:18 pm - Going for Broke - poll results!
drop bear
As per the polls here, Brandi and Skip are going to get a shaggy dog. There also seems to be a LOT of support for remaining faithful to the Broke trailer in TS2 so, even though the option for me to do whatever I want "won", I will try to keep to the original trailer design as much as possible, for as long as possible. Since the idea is to get the family to the stage where we find them when Pleasantview is first opened up there is no point in agonising over whether I should extend the house or not. I can always do it once the core gameplay for posting purposes is over. It might even be fun to continue playing the household afterwards. Even though I play them with such big breaks between sessions I have actually grown quite fond of the family and I think it will be kind of fun to download player-made versions of Lilith and Angela and keep them going for a while longer.

Thanks to everyone for their input!
drop bear
Petchy's Speckles facemask converted to TS3.

Grab it here. Teen to Elder, both genders.
5th-Nov-2011 08:18 pm - Useless poll of uselessness!
drop bear
I have been pondering the stuff I need to finish and while my thoughts were wandering all over the place I was struck with the sudden thought about Going FOr Broke:

Brandi Newbie has aged up to young adult and is moving out with Skip into their own trailer. Since Pets is out, should Mr and Mrs Broke have a pet?

Poll #1792661 Pet for the Brokes
This poll is closed.

Should Brandi and Skip have a pet?


What should it be?

Horse/foal (you KNOW you want to try to cram a horse stall onto their tiny trailer lot!!!)
Small pet 1 (bird or some sort of fluffy little thing)
Small pet 2 (some sort of reptile because snakes and turtles are love)

Also, how faithful do you want me to be to their TS2 home?

Poll #1792662 Chez Broke - teh trailerz
This poll is closed.

Do you want the Broke trailer in Going For Broke to remain the same the whole time just to be faithful to TS2?

Yes, it would suck if there were more than the 2 bedrooms and I would miss Brandi's whorish bedroom furniture
Nah, start out with it looking like the TS2 trailer but feel free to add on rooms, etc

I want to start with a rather poorly kitted out reproduction of the Broke trailer from TS2 and eventually have it move towards it looking like it does in TS2, complete with Brandi's whorish bedroom of expensive furniture, like we see when we first open up Pleasantview. I'm already breaking all sorts of canon by giving both Bob Newbie and Brandi siblings but since I am now moving towards the end of the so-called storyline I was wondering what people wanted to see in the final few chapters of Going For Broke. I know that Going For Broke has a following of a total of about 2 people, one of them being me, but if there is even 1 person remotely interested in seeing me FINALLY get the family up to the point they are at in Pelasantview, I would love their input.

And if you don't know what the hell I am talking about, click on the Going For Broke tag and read the first 2 phases of my little project. It's easy to read and hopefully somewhat entertaining.
3rd-Nov-2011 04:51 pm - Am I missing something?
drop bear
A question for TS3 players: since installing the latest patch and/or Pets, have you had any toddlers age to child (or teen if they didn't have a LTW before the patch/Pets) and did they get assigned a lifetime wish without your input?

The eldest in my Pond legacy just aged up to child and she appears to have automatically gained a lifetime wish. One I would NOT have chosen for her since she is not going to be heir and this LTW is impossible to achieve without player input (Chess Legend - has to win X number of ranked chess matches, which is just not going to happen if I'm not controlling her once she moves out).

Is this (a) a "feature" of the 1.26 patch/Pets or (b) has one of Twallan's mods screwed me over again (I don't even want to talk about the first bajillion times his mods screwed me over with his effed up preset preferences that are just NOT compatible with the way I play)? I have his Master Controller and Overwatch. I'm just not sure whether it's Option A - EA screwing me over or Option B - Twallan's mod screwing up my game for the umpteenth time in a row.

Thoughts and/or insights?

If it's one of Twallan's mods fracking up my game AGAIN I am seriously NEVER EVER downloading one of his mods ever again. I absolutely loathe and dispise the way I have to wrestle and tweak every single damn setting because they are all set exactly wrong for the way I play. I know that people love his mods but I am just not compatible with them.
drop bear
This is starting to make my eyes bleed...

I've been working on converting Nymphy's skull facemasks to TS3 and have so far managed to do 2. And there are another 3 to go but I just don't think I can manage it in time for halloween.

Anyway, take a look under the cut if you so wish.

3 preview images yonderCollapse )
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