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My Tiny Life

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Since my nick seems to confuse people - I am female. I have been using this nick (Engram) since having that sort of thing became a necessity around the time I started using the Interwebz in the late 1980s. I have not changed it since.

If you search the Interwebz you will find many references to "engram" as having something to do with an American footballer or Scientology. In fact, an "engram" is a theoretical trace left in the brain as a result of learning. A memory, if you will. Or at least that is what my Dictionary Of Psychology says.

I don't have a master list for my sims or CC "creations", but you can find about 99% of them available either on this journal or on my DW Community Simified. If you're sure that I made something, like a particular recolour or default, and you can't see it under the Downloads tag on my LJ or on Simified, just PM me or comment in one of the download threads. Both my journal and DW community are set to accept anonymous comments, so comment away even if you don't have an LJ account but please give me some sort of an idea of who you are so I can reply to you.

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